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John Wood, Independent Candidate for US Senate completes ballot access effort

Delivering over 20,000 signed petitions to the Secretary of State; campaign is confident it will qualify for the November ballot


(Jefferson City, Missouri - August 1st, 2022) John Wood’s independent campaign for the United States Senate announced today that it has completed the process of collecting the required 10,000 signatures from Missouri voters necessary to appear on the ballot in November.


The campaign has collected more than twice the required threshold, a comfortable margin ensuring Missouri voters will be able to choose an independent candidate when they vote to fill the open Senate seat vacated by Republican Roy Blunt. 


“Our first goal when we kicked off this campaign was to secure our place on the November ballot so Missourians who are sick and tired of the extremism in our politics would have a common sense, independent choice to support in November,” Wood said. “There is a growing, undeniable demand for a better alternative to the divisive, theatrical extremism offered by the two parties in this race. We have seen momentum build each day on this campaign, leading to this critical achievement today.”


With the completion of the petition drive, the Wood campaign awaits tomorrow’s winners in the primary elections. Wood’s campaign is supported by former US Senator Jack Danforth, who founded Missouri Stands United, a group which intends to spend up to $20 million in the election. Wood and his team expect an extremely competitive general election regardless of which candidates emerge from the primaries. 


“The leading candidates in the Republican and Democrat primary elections have spent more time stoking fear and eroding trust in our democratic institutions than offering real solutions. These antics may appear successful in the primaries but they are simply out of touch with the values and principles held by the majority of Missouri voters,” Wood said.


“I look forward to offering all voters – Republican, Democrat, and independent – a serious alternative with a positive vision for our state who they can be proud to have representing them in the United States Senate in Washington, D.C.” 





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