A Better Choice for Missouri

Missourians are facing a situation that is without precedent in our state's history. We are almost certainly going to be forced to choose between two options for the United States Senate... and both of the options simply are not in line with what our state deserves. 

Our choices must be better than two politicians, one who resigned in disgrace from his last job after blackmailing his mistress- and who has since been credibly accused of abusing his wife and child. The other will be a rubber-stamp for Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer's radical, progressive agenda that is out-of-touch with the values of Missourians.

I'm running for the United States Senate because Missouri voters deserve better than the extreme choices currently being offered by the two parties in this race.

I am eager to launch a common sense campaign that unites our state instead of dividing us. I'm all in.

"The project of America is to hold ourselves together and the two parties intentionally are tearing us apart and this is our opportunity for Americans to come together, regardless of party"

Senator Jack Danforth


For media inquiries, contact: press@johnwoodformo.org


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